Thursday, June 28, 2007

Summerfest Begins

(This was yesterday's post-I've been experiencing laptop difficulties.)

Today is the first day of Summerfest in Milwaukee. I can't say that I am too excited. Although it is meant to be a whole lot of fun I have to say that I have never really had a great time there. The food at the festival is always great, I will admit ,but it is just way to difficult to try to enjoy eating in the crowds.

Here are some reasons for my lack of excitement.

1. It's too damn crowded.

2. Too many drunks, I mean really drunk drunks.

3. Too many macho guys getting in fights.

4. People from everywhere descend upon our beautiful city only to abuse it and act like idiots...and pee everywhere.

5. It's too damn crowded.

6. Even if you go to see an act, you are lucky if you can actually see or hear the act that you want to...(excluding the Marcus Amphitheatre of course).

7.If you have to drive through the city like I do, you will get really frustrated by the massive amount of cars with drivers that have no clue as to where they are going.

8. My neighborhood gets trashed.

9. Did I say that it's too damn crowded?

10. Even if you don't drink, you'll definitely smell like you've had more than your share by the time that you leave.

Again, this event is supposed to be fun. It is a blast for a lot of people but I can't nor did I ever get into that type of fun. How much fun is it to get stepped on, sworn at and have tons of beer spilled on you? In the past I have been burned by cigarettes, soaked by beer and punched, just by walking through the crowds. One of my sisters was slammed up against a brick wall once and her only way out of the situation was to punch the drunk woman who squashed her. My sister would NEVER punch anyone. I never liked dancing on picnic tables because they are too wobbly and you might get pushed off of one of those as well.

I guess that I have come to realise that if you really want to enjoy the event without worrying about the condition that you will be in when you leave is that you just have to be drunk. No thanks.

But even if you don't drink and want to brave the crowds go ahead and enjoy what the festival has to offer. Originally it was meant to be a lot of fun without all of the riff-raf behavior of today.

side note: just in case you are wondering...

yes I do like to have a good time

yes I do have a drink from time to time-I just don't get drunk for the sake of getting drunk, to me, that's just stupid.


  1. i hear you. it's too damn crowded. every year we get free tickets through david's work, and we always give them away.

  2. Unfortunately, that seems to be the thing with all such city events. I know the July 4th celebrations at Riverfront Park in Nashville are supposed to be fun, but too many drunk and disorderly people make it not fun for the sober ones. And I don't mind having a drink now and then either, but I really prefer not to drink when it is 90 degrees out!

    I think these festivities have just gotten overrun with the drunks.

  3. Holy freakin' crap!

    Except for the fact it's outside, this almost sounded like a night of clubbing in Greece ;)

  4. I was a patron on Friday night for that concert, one thing I can say I saw this year, other than drunken idiots ,was that for whatever reason there were drunken idiots with mullet wigs on for this concert which made it all the better :) Gotta love white trash !