Saturday, June 16, 2007

Can't sleep so I'll Blog

It's about 2 am or so. I can't sleep so I thought about blogging. I haven't been sleeping well at all lately. I think that it is a result of my anxiety. There is so much to do in preparation for the move and he sands of time just keep slipping away. I spent the better part of the day packing " non-essential" clothing into boxes, for all of us. Non-essential means that we won't need them for the next few months. Gosh, do we really need so many clothes? It's crazy. I am not a huge shopper either. I am lucky enough to have a sister that also has children and we swap clothes back and forth so by now I we have way more than what is needed for each child. In fact, I have even given half of them away already. My own clothes aren't a huge deal since I have had 3 kids in the past 5 years. I have a lot that I still can't fit into yet and I FINALLY stopped wearing maternity clothes last month. I am in size limbo. So, my stuff isn't taking too much space and wasn't too much to go through. All I know is that every time that I have packed to go to Greece for a month I still seem to get it wrong. I usually have too many pairs of shoes, not enough sweaters or warm stuff for cooler nights and definitely not enough pairs of slippers-if I have any at all. I have to buy the kids slippers. We don't wear them at all here since the floors are either carpet or wood. Its going to be hard to get them to wear anything on their feet in the house since they like running around barefoot. My mother-in-law will go nuts if she sees the kids without slippers or anything on their feet. We will all need to adjust a wee little bit.
Next, I transferred all of the food from the upstairs fridge to the downstairs fridge. I found some pretty interesting mutations in there! Ever seen a cucumber that's been pushed to the back of the fridge about 2 months ago? Yikes! It's funny because before I had kids there was almost nothing in the fridge, but now there is always so much that I often forget that I have something , because it's in the back, so I buy another one. For instance, I had 3 bottles of mustard, 3 half used jars of salsa(one just opened yesterday)-(another one opened last week), 2 little plastic limes (lime juice for guacamole) and lots of yogurt that was well past its expiration date. I am a scatter brain so I wasn't surprised. It's a shame that I ended up throwing out a lot of food, but I can't exactly give away a half used jars of things like jelly or olives.
I packed a few of the children's favorite books into suitcases and put the rest into boxes for the container. We will stick with library books for the next couple of weeks. I also have to make sure that we don't have any outstanding late fees at the library! Gotta tie up those loose ends.
I did all of that plus the normal daily things like taking care of the kids, cooking and doing laundry. I am completely exhausted and yet I can't sleep. I am really looking forward to getting some rest on the beach!


  1. Well, that explains why you're leaving comments on my blog so late at night! I was wondering if it was the kids, jitters or just plain too much to do.

    Lots to do, but know that the beach is waiting for you. It warmed up to 88F yesterday with a few degrees higher today. Got the AC running and can't hear a thing. ;)

    I also get the bed to myself tonight since the male person of mine is racing in Delphi this weekend. I went last year and it rained, room was not nice and there was a hair in my food. Wouldn't you know, everything is perfect this year at a new hotel, new race location and new taverna. Wah!

  2. Kat, You know all though the new hotel and taverna sound great, a bed to yourself now and then is really nice! Someone big or small is always in mine!
    Our weather was pretty much the same as yours yesterday, the lower 90's. It was so humid and unbearable and our nephew had his birthday party outside. The kids had it good since they got to play on an inflatable water slide. Today it was in the mid 80's again but we were in all day. I am sick .:(