Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Last Day of School

Today was Izabella's last day of school. I was excited and sad for her. She loves school so much I hope that I can satisfy her appetite for learning over the summer.
Last night she drew 2 pictures for her teacher, as a good-bye gift. Izabella is such a sensitive little girl. She signed her name on both pictures and put them carefully into her back pack so that she wouldn't tear the paper. She was so proud of herself.
As I was getting ready to pick her up I felt a little sad. I had hoped that I wasn't going to get teary-eyed like I did the first day that I went to pick her up from school, back in September. Well, I did get a little lump in my throat. My little Izabella was sticking by her teacher's side until the very last minute. After the teacher released her to me, she ran over and picked some little flowers and then gave them to her. I took pictures. It was obvious that she was going to miss her teacher greatly and I was witnessing her reluctance to say good-bye. As we left I hugged the teacher and it was apparent that everyone was feeling a little emotional. I talked with another mother on our way to the car and she said that she felt the same. All of us wacky moms were trying to hold back tears! I am so happy that she was learning in such a caring environment. It was a perfect first year of school for her.

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