Sunday, June 24, 2007

Check it out for yourselves...

Here it is in all of its glory. Can you believe it? I had to take pictures so everyone could really understand what I am so bent up about. This is not just another box to put in the truck...

and it's taller than our car! Now, let's think about it again. The man lives in the U.S. and his mother lives in Greece. He sees a beautiful curio cabinet on sale at a furniture store and wants to buy it for her. He doesn't own a truck so he calls my husband to help him pick up this piece of furniture. It's way too expensive for him to ship to Greece so he keeps it in his apartment and/or storage for about 2 yrs. And now we are moving our things overseas and he didn't think twice about including his freight.
Anyway, enough about him. I have to get packing. The movers will be here in a few days so I am running out of time. We are almost completely finished. I still have to go to the basement and sort through a box of old photos. I have way too many photos since photography is my hobby and I completely forgot about the basement box. I hate my basement because it's unfinished and full of spiders.
My sisters and friends are having a going away party for us tomorrow so we have a lot of work to do today since Kosta is still working during the week. It didn't help that I was sick last week and Kosta was the week before. We will be fine after the movers come. We will just live out of suitcases for the next few months. Well, I have to get working!!


  1. That is a big thing. Hey, if you do end up moving it, you might end up with a nice curio cabinet for yourselves! ;) J/K But I only see it as causing more problems if it DOES fit!

    I bet you are getting excited for it all to be over with soon. I hate the build up to move part - all the work, all the details - all I can think about is the moment it is all done. Unpacking, well, it doesn't matter how long that takes.

    Hopefully, the weather will have cooled some by the time you get here. It was 100 degrees in Thessaloniki today!

  2. Hi Mel!
    Well, it's all gone now! The moment has arrived and passed. What a headache. And, it was really hot and humid here yesterday. The movers were absolutely drenched. It was funny, just as we thought we had everything packed, we'd look around and go " oh, what about this?" and put together another box. We did pretty good though.
    The curio fit, and N was here helping. I mentioned to Kat that we were at each other's throats through most of it. Let's just say, when I've had it with someone, they figure it out. We'll see what happens with the dang thing when we get there.
    I hope that the weather over there cools too! There is no air conditioning where we will be staying.

    Now that the hard part is over, I plan to spend time with friends and family. (as I sigh with relief!)

  3. Sorry I couldn't help pack the container Cheri, I feel bad I know it was alot of work for you guys .

  4. Pumpkin,
    It's ok. The moving guys did most of the work. We just threw last minute things into boxes. Luckily, Joanna and Lisa both had the kids yesterday. Don't even worry about it!!