Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dominic's Party

The birthday boy just off the stage!

Izá is quite a natural!

It was REALLY hot last Saturday at Dominic's party but we had fun anyway. The kids got to play on a water slide so they were fine. The adults started looking at the weight limit of the slide so that we could get some relief also. The temperature was in the lower 9o's (F) and it was extremely humid as well. It's been the same since then. Too hot to do much outside.


  1. Are you aware of the economic realities in Greece?
    See, for example:

    Five years ago, my cousin and her husband sold their restaurant in Australia and moved their kids and all their belongings back to Greece (he's from Greece, her parents are from Greece but she was born in Australia). They lasted three years before they moved back. It was a financial disaster. They both wish they would have leased the restaurant, put their stuff in storage, and tested whether the Greek lifestyle worked for them before they took such permanent steps.

    Just Asking

  2. Just asking- First I want to thank you for stopping by my blog! Next, I want to thank you for sharing your story and the link to the website. I did (finally) have the chance to read the article pertaining to G700.
    My husband and I are fully aware of the economic realities in Greece. We are calling it a "permanent" move although it really may not be and we are prepared for that. We have given this decision countless hours of thought and preparation. We have talked to our friends that have moved to Greece and come back because of the lack of work and so on. We have listened to our predessors and taken their advice as well as their blessings.
    I struggled with the prospect of our move early on in the decision making process only to give in and trust my husband's judgement. I believe in him and what he wants for his family (not that others don't want the same for their families-). I am not a woman who waits for her husband to make all of the decisions, in fact, I challenge every one of them. We do not have a restaurant to sell and we are not dissolving all of our ties here, professionally or financially. That would probably lead to disaster, I agree. We have decided to invest ourselves and our lives into Greece for 2 years and if it doesn't work, we'll come back. We are young, our children are young and it's worth a try.
    Again, thanks for sharing. I sincerely appreciate your input. Please, stop by from time to time to follow our transition.

  3. Hi Cheryl!

    First, thanks for visiting my blog! Now I get to peep in on your life as your prepare for an international move (yea, I can't say I envy that, although I only did it with three cats, not three kids!).

    I don't think I would have doubted that you and your husband have considered this move carefully, and in the end, whether or not it ends up being a positive change financially, it will be a wonderful experience for your children to get some insight into life in their father's home country. Yea, things aren't perfect here, but some people actually do ok. I hope your family's experience with Greece is a wonderful one.

  4. Sounds like you've really thought it out and giving it a two year try sounds about right. And, who knows, it may be wonderful and just the right thing for your family. Will you be in Thessaloniki? I will definitely be following your advertures with great interest.

    Why? Because the issue of living in Greece vs. the US has been the single biggest conflict in my marriage. My husband is Greek, I am not. We have a house both places. I can make it about 18 months in Greece at a time before I crack. Probably because we live in a village and I although I have many friends, there is noone who cultural "gets" me and whose loyalty is to me as opposed to the convoluted layers of family and everything else that makes up the village social structure. If we were in Athens or Thessaloniki it would be easier. The back and forth has been going on for too many years now, and we still haven't reached a good resolution between what he wants and what I can handle. But that is my life, not yours. My best advice is to find ONE GOOD FEMALE FRIEND as fast as you can WHO IS NOT A BIG GOSSIP! It will make everything easier.

    No longer curious, but wishing you the best!

  5. Melusina- Thanks for coming over! I think that it is important that my children experience the Greek culture for themselves also, you are right on the money. As a child of a bi-cultural family I know the importance of having children experience both cultures equally, which is really what motivates me to relocate. I wouldn't want my children to feel like they might have missed out on something, as I often did as a child.
    As far as traveling with the kids, I think that every time I make the trip I add someone! The first time I moved there I had a cat. Another visit, 2 yrs ago, I had 2 children with me under the age of 2. Now, I have 3 children under the age of 4 and a cat! I am already tired thinking of it!

    Anonymous-I really like the use of "convoluted layers" -I get it.I get you. I have been there and I often feel that I may be stepping into the lion's den once again, but only this time smarter. I have cracked before and I probably will again. I really hope that you and your husband can come up with a solution. Until then, keep in touch! I would love to share experiences with you-and boy I have had some!